Avast Internet Secuirty 9 Full Version

Avast Internet Secuirty 9 Full Version

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Avast, probably the most popular antivirus. This is a tool constructed especially to sense wipe out computer viruses. It is available for all possible platforms like MAC OS, Windows and Linux as well. A multilingual support being almost 41 languages. AVAST a famous antivirus if we go into the history, it is an abbreviation to " Anti Virus Software – an advanced set " charge.

Thus this is until now one of the best antivirus programs which has good speed, very efficient in its performance and well appreciated and in demand to a large extent in the market.
A potential selling product.

Installation method

1. Download and extract with WinRAR .

2. RAR Password = HamzaZone.Net

3. Install the program Avast file Stepup with 30 days Trail

4. Click on the installation of a regular

5. after installation and will ask for a quick scan .
6. Let her do so .

7. Now click on the preparation ….

8. uncheck the box that says "participating in avast Communicty"
And click " subscribe " tab ….

9. Now click on the " Insert File Linense "
10. Browse for "avast9″ ( provided in the folder )

11. Then click " Yes "

12. The confirmation message will appear .

13. Click OK Done