Calendar PSD Templates

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If a schedule of your programs is to be highlighted on the pages you display, then we certainly need a calendar, don’t we? To make your web-calendar viewed comfortably, you need to design them with a good theme/viewable colours.
For this purpose, we have Calendar PSD templates. Designed in 3 variations - wood, metal and green finish;these PSD calendars can be useful for your blogs, websites forums,etc.

Calendar PSD Templates

For a better calendar-design, check out:
1. Make the navigation of calendar, comfortable to users. We have provided buttons for next and previous months to look up, for each month.
2. Days, weeks of a particular month are clearly mentioned. Designed with effective template, these PSDs add an effect if your calendar is placed in a prominent location on your site. This depends upon the usage by people
3. You need to place the code of the template in your HTML/CSS. For animations, you can depend on CSS3 or java scripts.
4. Go for JQUERY to add effect to your java scripts and amusing transitions!

Resolution: 1680x1050px

File Format: PSD

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