E-Learning System Using PHP

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PHP is a buzzword among most of the web developers today. The assurance of security by PHP and it's ability to prevent the overloading on servers make it as a prominent language used today. Handling a PHP project is one of the best options for a computer science student if he/she has a good confidence over the subject. Also, carrying out the project of E-learning is going to 'fetch' some more value in your resume.
However this project involves coding, design and DBMS just like any other major web-based project. Here are a few guiding steps and documentation, to help you succesfully complete all the tasks.
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E-learning is another form of distance learning where education and training courses are delivered using computer technology. Typically, this means that courses are delivered either via the Internet, or on computer networks (linked computers) available solely between server and client . With the increased availability of PCs and Internet access, e-learning is becoming more and more popular. E-Learning is a web application using JSP or PHP that exclusively requires a proper DB. This online application enables the end users to register online, select the subject, read the course and appear for the exam online. The results of exam are also declared just after taking the test.The candidate should take tests in a particular sequence and also he can attempt the next test only if he has completed the previous papers. The correct answers for the questions are displayed after the exam. The date of the registration, date of exam, test results etc. are stored in the database. Learning sources are also presented in the format of pdf,ppt, videos, etc.

Shows educators and trainers how to adapt teaching methods and materials to make use of the Internet. Including a framework showing how to apply Internet technology progressively as skills and confidence grow, the project demonstrates the route from adapting materials to develop a virtual course. Nowadays, when people are not having time to visit an institute, they want things to be done online. Therefore, the software is designed to provide the education through Internet. The project "E - LEARNING" helps the common world in any field they are to get the knowledge what they want even sitting at there places. This helps them to spare time in their busy schedule and save their time during transportation.

Education through the internet or a network and a computer is E-learning. This helps in network enabled transfer of skills and knowledge. E-learning refers to use of electronic applications and processes to learn. This is a web based application which can be hosted in the website of any training institute. The students will be able to register online, read the course material and write online exam. Certificates also will be issued online.

Project details

The objectives of this project are
   1.To provide distance learning
   2. To make it convenient for people who have other commitments
   3. Cost reduction
   4. Reduced paper work
   5. Computer evaluated tests

After careful analysis the system has been identified to have the following modules:
1. Registration Module
2. Participant Module
3. Guide Module
4. Online Exam

1.Registration Module:
This module consists of registering the participant details inorder to login.The existing parcipant can directly login along with userid and password to view the course details.If the user is a new participant, they should register their details with user id and password.The details of participant will be maintained by the database.
2.Participant Module:
In this module, participants from different locations interact with the instructor simultaneously through online mode in real time.After registration they can login and view the course details inorder to buid their carrier.They can select any course and enroll the course by registering their details.The Course enrolled can be viewed by the participant and they can edit.Now, participant can view the course material and learn through online or appear for respective exam. The resultsof the exam are also declared automatically, just after taking the test.
3.Guide Module:
In this module, guide view the participant registration, course enrolled status and participant doubts. The participant can clear the doubts by choosing the domain and entering the question. The guide views the participant's doubt and sends reply according to the queries. The Questions will be hosted for the participant inorder to take exams. Guide will host question paper according to the domain and send to the participant. This is a sort of "Discussion forum" appilication.
4.OnlineExam Module:
In this module,parcitipant will appear for taking the exam according to the course which they enrolled previously.The participant should clearly read the instruction once before they appear for exam.Click on "start exam" button to start the exam.Questions are basically of Multiple choice type i.e., only one answer is correct, these answers are represented by four Radio Buttons.After clicking start exam button time would count simultaneously.Once the participant completed their exam they should enter the particular details what they given.Then the result will be viewed along your particular details.

Basic requirements:

Hardware Requirements:
PC with Pentium IV processor.
512 MB RAM or above.
40 GB Hard Disk or above.
Software Requirements:
Operating system : Windows XP (or latest).
Front end : php, html
Platform : php html
Integrated development environment(IDE): Dream weaver or any text editors
Back end : MY SQL SERVER