Folder Lock 7.2.2 Full Version

Folder Lock 7.2.2 Serial Key Crack Full Download Free

Wish to lock away all your secrets and throw the keys into the ocean???

Well here is a simpler solution to your thoughts.
Folder Lock 7.2.2 a tool to protect all your files and folders. You can hide, encrypt, password protect your secrets in your system. The files can be of any format be it files, folders, drives , pictures and documents you can even lock files and folders that are undeletable, unrenamable, unmovable , hidden, and inaccessible .

You can scramble or encrypt depending on the speed and security. Folder Lock is fully convenient to protect your records on any secondary storage device be it USB flash drives , disks, CD – RW drives , laptops , hard drives , and it does not require installation on another computer.

Features of Folder Lock 7.2.2

File encryption :
Encrypt your personal files using 256-bit on – the – fly encryption completely biotechnology and fool – proof .

Protection USB / CD:
Transform encrypted warehouses in executive and decision portable drives anywhere.

Making Governor :
Storing sensitive information in an encrypted format . A safe haven for private information such as credit cards and bank accounts.

Lock files:
Protect important files from unwanted access by blocking visibility or access to files, folders and drives.

Online Backup:
Backup all your encrypted files automatically to an online storage and easily restore it again .

The application runs in complete stealth:
Do not let anyone know you ever Folder Lock is installed on your computer .

Password Security:
Restrict access to different parts of the application with the use of master password supervisor level.

Auto protection:
A security policy based on inactivity in order to secure everything when you re away from your computer .

Hack Security:
Do not let hackers use dictionary attacks . Monitoring and control and perform actions on password attempts is incorrect.

Shared files:
Share and delete files and folders restoration , drives , and an empty space so the hard drive permanently.