Hide Files or Folders Using Command Prompt

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A smart act in modern world! We need to conceal our computer files often to ensure our protection. At the same time, it's really a tedious job too. In order to make this dreary job a simple one, we are going to deliver you a trick now.
Just hide your files and folders using Command Prompt! The most important thing here is that, once if we hide files/folders through CMD, then those particular files cannot be viewed by any search options even if we click like- "Show All Hidden Files and Folders".

For Example: You have a folder named "myfiles" and this folder is stored in (Disk Drive D). You think that it should not be seen by strangers who use your PC.

Follow these instructions

1. Press windowkey+R: Run command dialog box appears.
2. Now type "cmd" and hit enter. A command prompt window displays.

3. Now type attrib +s +h D:\myfiles and hit enter.

4. The folder "myfiles" will be hidden (Note: It cannot be viewed by any search options)
5. To view this folder again, use the same command but replace '+' with '-' on both
flags 's' and 'h'