How to set password on any application in pc

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We know about setting password to our system or a file in our system. But what about software? Sometimes, it becomes necessary to make our PC soft ware’s, password protected. When users try to access a password-protected software, they are prompted to enter the password, whose failure doesn’t allow to use the software.


Here’s a software called PASSWORD DOOR. This acts as a door-way to your password protection of applicaton. Download it and continue further.
Download : Password Door


Now install it on your pc. While installing , it will ask you to enter a password which will be used to open PASSWORD DOOR, everytime you use it.


Now open Password Door with the help of password which you have entered while installing

Now Click on protect a program.


Now You'll see a list of all program on which you can set password.

Select the app from the list and make it password protect.

Now whenever you or any other user open password protected app, app will ask for the password. If you know the password only then you can access the application.

You can remove password from apps anytime

NOTE: Well if you get scruplous ideas of others, your siblings or friends uninstalling the app straight away?? Too bad, they can't. The same password is also asked for while uninstalling. So enjoy!!!