How to uninstall any software by right click

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Most of us are tech-savvies and geeks, being fond of latest software and trending applications.
Many of them are easy to install, through simple instructions. But, the problem comes during “Uninstallation”. It might be tedious for us to go to control panel, uninstall the program, wait for some time and gets confirmed from the official site of the product. Isn’t it boring?
Anyways, don’t worry. We give a solution of steps , how to uninstall a program by just Right-clicking on it!


First of all download & Install the software on your pc by clicking the below icon.


Now install the application as you do for any other one.


Now Right click on any program which you want to uninstall.


After doing step 3, you'll see below type of screen, now just click on STANDARD UNINSTALL option.
That's it, you have done it!!!