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Insert Data Into Mysql Using PHP

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As we have already created the databases and tables in the previous tutorials, we now learn how to insert data into that table using PHP Script.

Query to Use

 "INSERT INTO table_name(column_name1, column_name2)VALUES('value1, 'value2')" ; 


Here in this process we are going to create 2 files
1. insert.php
2. insert_conn.php


1. First we create a table coding in the database codinggurus.
2. Then we create file insert.php.
3. And then finally we create file insert_conn.php.

Query to Create A Table coding.

CREATE TABLE `coding` (
`id` int(10) NOT NULL auto_increment,
`name` varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
`country` varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
`email` varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',

Creating a file insert.php

Copy paste the below code to create a from through which we insert data into database.

<table width="300" border="0" align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="1">
<td><form method="post" action="insert_ac.php">
<table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="3">
<td colspan="3"><strong>Inserting Data Into Database </strong></td>
<td width="71">Name</td>
<td width="6">:</td>
<td width="301"><input name="name" type="text" id="name"></td>
<td><input name="country" type="text" id="lastname"></td>
<td><input name="email" type="text" id="email"></td>
<td colspan="3" align="center"><input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit"></td>

Creating a file insert_ac.php

The code below creates a conncetion between the form and the database.

$host="localhost"; // Host name
$username="coding"; // Mysql username
$password="coding"; // Mysql password
$db_name="codinggurus"; // Database name
$tbl_name="coding"; // Table name
// Connecting to server and select database.
mysql_connect("$host", "$username", "$password")or die("cannot connect");
mysql_select_db("$db_name")or die("cannot select DB");
$sql="INSERT INTO $tbl_name(name, country, email)VALUES('$name', '$country', '$email')";
echo "Successful";
else {
echo "ERROR";