Learn How to Code: 20 Free Online Resources

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Coding.. Coding.. Coding..
Needless to say it’s importance in today’s world. Whatever language, its basically the CODE and its LOGIC that make a sense. Demand to certain languages change periodically, depending on the products that are rising in the current market trends.
We need to learn new things and update ourselves regarding these kind of technical aspects.
Relying upon trustworthy and free online sources for gathering information and guidance has become the best option available today, rather than buying lots of books or joining academic institutes.Now, we have got a list of Free and 100% trusted sources to guide you in the aspects of Coding and basics of the popular Languages and packages, we have today.


CodeAcademy is a platform where learning meets fun. Most of the illustrations/demos are Game-based. So that to enable you understand the concepts like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, and JQuery. Luckily, Registration is free, and once you get going in a class, you start to earn points and badges as a way to keep you motivated. No certificate or credits are offered here, however, the interactive classes make complicated concepts seem to be intuitive and easier.

Vist website : www.codeacademy.com

Google Code University

Google has become a symposium of all technical trends observed today. It has got various services and applications. Most popularly, an ultimate search engine!Learning how to code from them is a big privilege for most of us. Course content here includes information on Computer Science, Programming Languages, Web Programming, Web Security, even Google APIs and Tools. Google Code University is free and does not require registration, classes are offered via recorded video lectures, talks, problem sets, exercises, documents, and slides. Computer programming language courses are mostly introductory in nature, and include languages such as Python, C++, Go, and JavaScript. No certificates or credits are awarded with the completion of these classes.

Vist website : www.developers.google.com


Peer to Peer University (P2PU) is a collaborative experience-giving platform where you're meant to learn in community with others. So, this can be described an extension to a discussion forum.Registration and courses are totally free. There are several "schools" /Competencies within the P2PU organizational framework, including one for Web-based programming powered by Mozilla Foundation, creator of the Firefox web browser. As you complete courses, you can display the badges of Course-completion on your website or social network profiles. Thats obviously worth a lot!! Courses include Web Making 101 and Programming with the Twitter API, no developer certifications are offered here, but the courses are well executed and worth taking a look.

Vist website : www.p2pu.org

HTML5 Rocks

HTML5 is the modern mark-up language to structure the contents of web, embedded with more advanced features than the previous versions. HTML5 Rocks is not directly an e-learning site; rather, it's a massive database of informational resources on anything and everything to do with HTML5, from nuts and bolts to semantics and storage. HTML is categorised for three purposes: Mobile, Businesses and Gaming.Select any of them, whose area of development you are concerned and you'll get a comprehensive hub of tutorials, articles, and in-browser simulators to get going on HTML5. No credits or certifications are awarded here; registration and use of the site is totally free. Examples of information offered here include web application frameworks, debugging tools, and compatibility resources.

Vist website : www.html5rocks.com

The Code Player

If you want to get to know, how a piece of Code, (may be of HTML or Javascript or JQuery),actually works and how it has come upto that phase- just like a video watching, Then go for codeplayer.com You can watch out how the snippets has worked in action with comments and Background information. At last, the final source code is given to use in our projects.

Vist website : www.thecodeplayer.com