Product Box PSD Template

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Product-box PSD template: Contains ready-made tools for customizing different products ,a color picker, front and back views of the product, ribbon template and buttons for purchasing. Simply, it covers the visible features of a product.

Product Box PSD Template

Generally, product page templates are the most important section of every website. They are the place where visitors convert to buyers. First of all, you need to drive traffic to your products. Then, you have to convince your visitors that your product is worth buying. Finally, make sure that the process of purchasing is easy and intuitive.

You don't want to make your buyers change their mind in the last step, right? That's why we strongly suggest you to improve the look and feel of your product single page. And what we did is a product box PSD template that will do the trick.

Resolution: 1142x900px

File Format: PSD

File Size: 1.32 MB