What Is RAT (Remote Access Trojan)?

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Do you know that a stranger out there, can control your computer though he is not actually present before it? He can physically switch on/off your system, open the CD drive, take a snapshot/record a video, delete some files, make a mess – all these things without your involvement!

Yes, it's possible through the most dangerous Trojan tool in the world – The REMOTE ACCESS TROJAN, abbreviated as RAT.
As the name itself says; with the help of RAT, you can remotely access any computer from anywhere in the world- provided the computer ought to be infected with RAT files.

What this actually is?

RAT is basically a software or a piece of program used to control a computer like watching TV with a remote, irrespective of it's location present. The strength of RAT firstly lies in it's appearance.

It just looks and works as a normal file, like a picture or an mp3 song, a pdf, etc. at the initiation level. Later on, it comes into play by showing its malicious effects.

So, the RAT files can be sent to you just as normal files. Therefore, be-aware of the malicious sites & softwares; Especially, mails from unknown senders. The disastrous thing is that, even a robust anti virus software also may not detect certain Trojans.

What it can do?

Once a RAT file is installed on your computer, almost, anything can be done by the fellow who infected it.
A few examples:
1. Infecting normal Files with embedded trojan
2. Installing Key loggers
3. Controlling Computer
4. view the desktop screen
5. Remotely start webcam, sounds, movies etc
6. Using your PC to attack a website (DDOS)

Some popular RATS-commonly used

1. Pro-RAT
2. Cyber gate –RAT
3. Dark comet RAT

Good RATs

Not all the RATs are mailicious, but a few Remote Access softwares exist to access another computer and transfer files to each other in authorised fashion. Being available in open source community, they are not considered to be Trojans.
Ex: Team Viewer