TuneUp Utilities Full Version

TuneUp Utilities Full Version

TuneUp Utilities Full Version

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Turbo Mode TuneUp enhances the instantaneous performance of your system whenever required.

What it actually does is as soon as the turbo mode is initialized the tool performs an analysis and filters out the functions and operations running at than moment. It slows down all the background activities of the system which are not of much importance or either pauses them for the moment until the prioritised job is completed as soon as possible. Thus speeding uo the response time and through put of your system.

Maintain System:-

  • 1. Click Maintenance and Automatic Maintenance
  • 2. System startup and shutdown optimization
  • 3. Defragmenting hard drives
  • 4. Remove broken shortcuts
  • 5. Registry Defragmenter
  • 6. Registry Cleaner

Increase performance:-

  • 1. Turbo mode
  • 2. Optimal configuration for Life
  • 3. Free up disk space
  • 4. Configure the system startup
  • 5. Display and uninstall programs

Features repack :

Type :Installation
Languages:Russian ( full ) and English
Treatment: is [+ hosts major additions : a pick-up settings from Settings.reg