Online Auction system Using PHP

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Concurrency of users plays a major role in today's web applications. Operations which dont interrupt others, appearing to be isolated but mutually responsive are the needs of the hour. Therefore, developing a system which provides instant user access and live events that commemorate all the users, at a time is a better project in PHP to handle
Here we seek to provide you with projects for implementing at your college or even an organization.
It has been brought together keeping in mind the pain point of students when it comes to Mini Projects, especially for Computer science and engineering.

Hey, don't take it the easy way. Just because the source code is in your hands. The code is to be correctly connected to the database and implanted into the IDEs.
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phpAuction is the unprecedented and definitive one-stop shop for building your independent online auction business. You will remain in full control of your business development with this PHP auction project. It can either be deployed on a Web server for online auctions or as stand-alone software for live auctions, that handles all aspects of conducting an auction. It provides the ability for users to post items for sale in an auction format as well as the ability to bid on those items.

Project details

php Auction features:
1. XSS protection with HTML Purify
2. Replace FCK editor by light TinyMCE rich editor
3. New Admin Back-end Look & Feel
4. Rich Editor at HTML Allowed

Basic requirements:

Hardware Requirements:
1. PC with Pentium IV processor.
2. 512 MB RAM or above.
3. 40 GB Hard Disk or above.

Software Requirements:
1. Operating system : Windows XP (or latest).
2. Front end : php, html
3. Platform : php
4. Integrated development environment(IDE): Dream weaver or any text editors
5. Back end : MY SQL SERVER