Online Leave Management System In PHP

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Computers have reduced a lot of paper-work today, saving many trees! Still, there are situations in many places where we have to depend on paper itself. Ex: Writing a Leave letter. Requesting and providing leave permissions also can be computerised today. Therefore, choose this project if you are trying to make out something new and noteworthy.
Hey, don't take it the easy way. Just because the source code is in your hands. The code is to be correctly connected to the database and implanted into the IDEs.

Now don't freak out... the documents down here will guide you through. Best of luck!!!


Project Title: Online Leave Management System PHP Project.
Project Type: Open Source Web Application.
Programming Technology Used: PHP
Database Server: SQL Server 2005.
Developer Role: Website Designing, Data base Administrator. PHP Programming.

Project Description: This Online Leave Management System PHP Project is a great solution for all leave related problem of all Engineering Colleges, Small Scale industries, etc. In most of the Colleges the leave related information's are maintained through the letter/paper work which is a very difficult task because as the time passed the information will be lost.

The administrator can view the information of a particular employee's that for how many days he was on the leave so that he can have information about the remaining leave period of an employee.

This Leave Management System Final Year Project streamlines communication between your HR management and employees and facilitates simple yet efficient management of employee leave.

Project details

Developer Responsibilities:
1. Login permission for different groups of users.
2. Providing the relation between various levels of employees.
3. Maintain a perfect hierarchy between employee, referral and approval.
4. Performed testing and bug fixing for the module and other modules.
5. Created Support documentation and user training material for the application.

Basic requirements:

Hardware Requirements:
1. PC with Pentium IV processor.
2. 512 MB RAM or above.
3. 40 GB Hard Disk or above.

Software Requirements:
1. Operating system : Windows XP (or latest).
2. Front end : php, html
3. Platform : php
4. Integrated development environment(IDE): Dream weaver or any text editors
5. Back end : MY SQL SERVER