social networking system Using PHP

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Social networking sites are playing a significant role in everyone of our lives irrespective of our occupation, status in society and our busy schedules. They are so popular because of their ability to bring all the people all over the world and to share something.
An educational institute also may need a social network of it's own. This can come into effect, within the college network or outside also. These kind of social neworks bring all the students on a single platform to share their opinions, learn something or get to know something, organise an occassion,etc.
Developing such a system with as many number of innovative features as possible, is a challenge but worthy task for all of us. So lets peep in it.


Networking in the form of online social networks is second nature for college students and aspiring young professionals today. The main purpose of creating Social Networking Site for College Students is for meeting worldwide college students and sharing knowledge, education related information's, etc. It contains standard social network content, like profiles, pictures, email and groups, and video sharing, articles, etc. Student can create a profile, browse locations worldwide, share and collect knowledge, education related tutorials, etc.

Project details

This social networking site will only allow members who are college students. This social networking for college students can help you maintain existing relationships with people and share pictures and messages, and establish new ones by reaching out to people you've never met before, an also using this site user can share Knowledge's, education related books, question/answer, and any other information. This project is developed using PHP and MySQL Server.

1. Profile detail: It holds student profile information.
2. Education detail: It has education articles, tutorials, videos ,photos and any other information.
3. Upload detail: It holds uploaded images, videos, tutorials and any other information's .

Functional decompositions:
1. Student profile.
2. Education profile.
3. Education articles.
4. Images, videos, etc..
5. Quiz, question-answers etc.
6. Type - Web Application
7. Front End - PHP
8. Back End - MySQL Server

Basic requirements:

Hardware Requirements:
1. PC with Pentium IV processor.
2. 512 MB RAM or above.
3. 40 GB Hard Disk or above.

Software Requirements:
1. Operating system : Windows XP (or latest).
2. Front end : php, html
3. Platform : php html
4. Integrated development environment(IDE): Dream weaver or any text editors
5. Back end : MY SQL SERVER